instructions for a healthy life:

grow your own food.

harvest. preserve. share


cluck! is a small, woman-owned business founded in 2013 to serve urban, suburban and peri-urban agriculturalists and gardeners in and around Providence, Rhode Island. cluck!'s goods and services focus on small-scale food production, backyard small animal husbandry (especially chickens and bees) and homesteading-based self-reliance. We have the tools, supplies, ideas and education you need to grow, raise and preserve your own food while helping to keep your community healthy and beautiful. We've also got unusual, thoughtful gifts for all ages.

We run year-round classes, workshops, readings, and family-friendly programs and maintain a teaching garden of edibles and habitat-supporting native plants. We also keep bees and raise chickens. All of this began on the site of an abandoned 1950's gas station on the West Side Providence. After five happy years, circumstances forced us to find a new home. In March of 2018 we re-opened a larger cluck! at our home farm Hurricane Hill in Cranston. While we never imagined our small business would ever leave its city roots, we feel lucky to get a chance to bring our beloved farm into the cluck! mix. 

City, suburb and country have more in common than you might think (and certainly more than we once thought).  Our customers taught us this over our five years in the city and we are grateful for the window they opened for us. 

No matter where we are, we start seeds and plant when you do, and encounter the same weather, bugs, and mishaps. And if you know us, you know we love to commiserate, explore solutions and share outcomes. 

Most of all, we believe in knowing our customers, we stand by what we sell and we really, really like what we do. 

It's that simple.

(come see why) 

PS: We also have some of the prettiest darn chickens in the region (not that we're bragging or anything).