Drake Patten, Head Farmer and cluck!'s sole owner believes in hard work, good ideas and challenges. She is most comfortable when she is learning new things and is in enough new territory to be a tad terrified. No part of her path of opening an urban farm supply store is linear so we won't bother to try and make sense of it. Suffice it to say that her latest venture meets all the criteria described above. 

If you ask her what is most exciting about founding and owning cluck!, she'll tell you different things on different days. Sometimes it's the opportunity to curate great stuff and plan great programs. Sometimes it's the great customers and the amazing knowledge shared between them. Sometimes it's the chance to support local makers and small businesses. Sometimes it's the fact that the business survived a rough start (see press) and was supported so generously by the local community. Sometimes it's about having a shop garden where she can pick her lunch. But on each and every day, she'll tell you the best thing is that she wakes up loving what she does.

Wright Deter, Assistant Farmer doesn't get to be at the store as much as he'd like (yet) but his artistic input and fabricating skills are certainly visible at cluck!, especially in the teaching garden. Wright is also the one making sure the cobbler's child doesn't go unshod by managing the gardens and animals at Hurricane Hill. He also keeps Drake fed and sane.



Drake Patten and Wright Deter and Little Dog (a foster now with his forever home) December 2016

We make our home at Hurricane Hill, a 48-acre 1750's historic farm in Western Cranston, Rhode Island. The Hill is also home to one eager and curious twelve-year old boy, one pit-whippet named Bella, a young, recently rescued Bernese Mountain Dog mix from Louisiana, a mixed and growing chicken family, a whole bunch of muscovy, pekin and runner ducks, seven fabulous Nigerian goats, a newly started flock of Leicester Longwool and Shetland sheep, one grey tom cat, one tiny, fox-fighting kitty, two llama, Lilly the mule and a multitude of wild critters. The Hill is also home to a developing family business called Hurricane Hill Heritage Goods and a plethora of Very Important Projects that never, ever seem to get finished.