Basic Chicken Sitting

Letting the ladies in and/or out, checking food and water, collecting eggs, light litter cleaning/dressing (and, of course, showing them your photo). Lullaby optional but included. 

1X DAILY: $30                      2X DAILY: $50

Deluxe Chicken Sitting (Clean Sheet Night)

Basic services twice daily, plus full litter cleaning and replacement* and in-coop snack service: one Valentines Finicky Chicken Treat.  

FLAT RATE: $30 per day

Spring The Coop

Litter removal and full cleaning of your coop and equipment, (with distilled vinegar or bleach, your choice), DE dusting and replacement of coop equipment and bedding.  Service is seasonal

FEE: $75

*Litter Removal

Sitting services include removal of coop litter to another location on your property. We can also remove your litter off-site for an additional fee.


(on-site): $30 if a solo service, $12 if combined with any of the sitting or cleaning services.

(off-site): $45 if solo, $20 if combined

Wing Clipping:

FEE: $25, $12 if combined with sitting or cleaning services

note: all sitting and cleaning services are based on 1-6 chickens, additional birds will add $2 per bird to all services. Fees also include a pre-sitting visit to learn about your set-up.



Coop Consultation

Locating your coop in the right place is critical to enjoying your micro flock. Cluck!’s own Head Farmer will help you make the best decision possible, taking into account how you currently use your yard or garden and how you hope to use it in the future. Drake will advise you on size, setback, building strategies and, most importantly, how to follow your local ordinance (to protect you, your birds and your relationship with your neighbors!). FEE: $95

What to expect when you’re expecting (hen edition)

How much work is it? How much fun is it? What kind of coop should you build or buy? How many birds should you start with? Do you want chicks, pullets, or hens already laying? What breeds might fit your lifestyle? This practical, nuts and bolts consultation is geared towards your concerns while also encouraging you to think through some important basic questions around your desire to start a micro flock. A copy of Storey’s Guide to Chicken Keeping comes with your session, one per household. FEE (two adults and limitless children): $125 excluding travel over 20 miles.

Diagnosis Visit:

Worried about a bird? Having problems with the pecking order? Let us help out. If the problem seems outside our knowledge base, we won’t charge you.

FEE: $30 minimum, $20 for each additional half-hour. 

Additional chicken services may be arranged in advance. Group reservations are welcomed, but require at least two weeks notice.