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Fleece to Fiber Part I: Shear(ing) Madness FREE

Join us on our farm side for shearing day and stay to ‘skirt’ the fleece (preparing it for its next stage in processing. This will be the first part of a longer series that will examine how fleece goes from its raw state to a finished product. Watch for a class on taking wool to market, using ‘waste’ wool in your garden, a spinning class series, knitting workshop and other opportunities to learn about sheep and their wool.

Hurricane Hill is the only registered breeding farm of endangered Leicester Longwool sheep in Rhode Island. As such, we are part of a small population of breeders across the US who choose this breed for its long and lush fleece prized by hand spinners and textile artists.

This year, our ewes gave us six beautiful lambs. All but one will be sold off the farm either to help another farm begin its own program or to help an existing farm expand its bloodline (critical in an endangered breed such as this). It has taken us years to get to the point where we have lambs to sell and we are excited to be part of the breed’s survival in this way. We are humbled and honored to have the chance to learn from and work with this exquisite breed.

Earlier Event: April 22