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LOVE YOUR TOOLS AND THEY WILL LOVE YOU BACK: Tool care and sharpening for the backyard gardener

We’re all guilty (well most of us are) of not giving our tools the love they deserve. This is bad for a few reasons: poorly maintained tools can’t do their best work and poorly maintained tools can’t become the heirlooms they deserve to be. As a business that believes in and promotes investment in GOOD tools, we also believe in and promote taking good care of them. Plus, did you know that tool care is another way to limit your waste footprint? Yup. If your tool is working as its best self, you are less likely to throw it away or buy another tool you may not need. Feel free to bring a tool for consideration and rescue.

Tool Love
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$15, 13 and up. Preregister at 401 274 1160 or

Wright Deter is cluck! owner Drake’s husband and the Principal of Hurricane Hill Fabrication. Wright has over 30 years of experience in both fine arts and fabrication. His deep respect for and knowledge of tools and processes combined with his love of growing food and spending time outside make him a great instructor for this class. He’s also pretty funny.

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