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The Butter Lamb (a culinary item) with Lulu Locks

Please join us for a demonstration of how to make a fabulous butter lamb sculpure! LuLu Locks will be on the farm demonstating this elusive, old-world method of butter art that she learned as a small child, from her aunt, the nun. Back in 2018, Ms Locks’  Facebook Live video on butter lamb creation went “RI viral”,  where she demonstrated the proper way to shake up an Aviation cocktail while playing with her food. And she’s doing it again!! We hope that you’ll join us for a giggle & a tipple over these buttery delights. This year she will be attempting to add bunnies to the barnyard, and a limited number of these darling dinner decorations will be available for pre-order at only $40. 

Yes, its real butter! 

No, there’s nothing else to it.  

Yes, it takes a long time. 

Yes, its completely edible!

You can make one too!!!

The butter lamb arrived in the US with Catholic immigrants from Central and Easter Europe. This traditional sculpture graces the tables of many Russian, Slovenian, and Polish Easter meal tables. Giving up dairy for Lent was a common practice in Poland, so cream was churned into butter, and the baranek wielkanocny became a staple of the celebratory meal. In reference to the New Testament phrase “Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world.”  The butter lamb is often found with a red ribbon around its neck, and a carrying white banner emblazoned with a red cross & the word Alleluia. These adorable delights are often made from a mold, and can be found in some delis & dairy cases around the Easter holiday season.

Butter Lamb
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