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What to expect when you're expecting chickens! with Hurricane Hill

Join us for an intro class on backyard chicken keeping. We'll talk chicken facts, things to think about when starting and growing a flock, breeds we like (and don't), how to keep peace with your non-chicken keeping neighbors and the general pros and cons of co-existing with feathered friends.  We'll discuss coops and runs and what it means to free-range when you have predators in your neighborhood. We'll even geek out a little about the perfection of the egg and leave you with at least one great recipe reccomendation. This is a hands-on class suitable for all ages. 

Chickens March 28
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Cost: $ 15, 13 plus (kids free with adult) pre-register 401 274 1160 or

Drake Patten and Wright Deter own Hurricane Hill Farm. Together, they try to manage a mixed flock of 70-80 birds, roosters included. Once, they had only nine hens and life, they often recall, was pretty easy.