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You've Got This: Tool confidence for the backyard enthusiast

It’s all about technique, folks! Grow your tools confidence and learn some great tricks of the trade in this hands-on class with artist/farmer/fabricator Wright Deter (the other half of the cluck! duo). You’ll work with a range of power tools that might be handy in your backyard projects such as a drill, chop and jig saws as well as simple hand tools like the measuring tape, hammer, combo square, hand saw and nail set. This class will leave you feeling empowered (pun intended) and ready to take on your projects confidently and safely. The afternoon session will involve an individual project that will review and refine your skills. All questions will be appreciated and welcomed!

This class will run 2 hours with a break for lunch (please bring your own) and a farm walk (weather permitting), then resume in the afternoon for 2 additional hours (a total of 4 hours of instruction)

Tools Confidence
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$65, 13 and up only. Space is limited: please preregister and pay by emailing or call 401 274 1160

Wright Deter is cluck! owner Drake’s husband and the Principal of Hurricane Hill Fabrication. Wright has over 30 years of experience in both fine arts and fabrication. His deep respect for and knowledge of tools and processes combined with his love of growing food and spending time outside make him a great instructor for this class. He’s also pretty funny.