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Quail is the New Chicken: Raising Quail with Ducky

In this intro to quail keeping class, you will discover that quail are quiet as a rabbit and as productive as a chicken. These small birds are perfect for the urban homesteader or the family that  isn't allowed to keep chickens. Whether it be a guinea pig cage. old rabbit hutch or small chicken run, you can always find space for these charming birds. 

 Robert Ducky McAuslan is head gardener at Gardenhood, an urban homestead on the Johnston/providence line. Gardenhood’s goal is to experiment with and adapt self sufficiency techniques and permaculture practices to an urban environment.  Our goal is to not only support ourselves but also the greater community. A part of that is Gardenhood Upcylces, which turns the byproducts of farming, like spent seeds or feed bags, into practical and useful items. 

$10, 13 and up. Please pre-register at 401 274 1160