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CANCELLED Don't get robbed! Protecting your beehive from winged thieves (with Cindy Holt)

You may have survived swarm season-but don't stop being vigilant! Next up is Robbing Season. "What?" you say. ROBBING? Yup, It's true: during a dearth (caused by lack of forage), many honey bees and wasps will engage in what is called “robbing” from other beehives. In Rhode Island, this typically occurs in mid-to late-summer. This damaging behavior deprives a beehive of valuable resources, may spread disease and causes overall major stress to colonies. Robbing can be a safety risk to people or animals close to the beehive as the colonies attempt to protect their homes.

In this (timely) class, you will learn both how to prevent robbing and, if you are lucky enough to witness a robbing begin, how to stop it. 

$10, 13 and up (kids under 13 are free with adult). Pre-register at 401 274 1160 or

Cindy Holt is the founder and operator of Little Rhody Beekeeping. She is an experienced beekeeper in a variety of environments from urban to rural areas. Cindy is also a member of Rhode Island Beekeepers Association where she volunteers her time as a mentor and manager of the club’s apiary. A lifelong resident of Rhode Island, her mission is to promote healthy beekeeping practices and to support all of the state's pollinators by getting the public to care about insects as much as she does.