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Salve Making for Gardeners' Hands with Rachel Playe of RADIA HERBS


Every active gardener knows that working in the soil can quickly dry out your hands. Come to our class and learn how to nourish your dry skin and help heal any small cuts. We'll use dried medicinal herbs that will make your hands silky smooth. Many of the herbs we'll use are those "weeds" you've been tossing out! In this class, you'll learn the medicinal benefits of the herbs, a chance to participate in making the salve, and take a salve home with you!

Rachel Playe is an herbalist based in Providence.  In 2008, while farming, she realized she was more interested in the weeds she was pulling than growing only vegetables.  This set her out a long path in learning about herbal medicine and agriculture.  Rachel owns Radia Herbs, a small herbal products company which sources pesticide free herbs from their own gardens, local farmers or other ethical growers.  She is one of the resident farmers at Hurricane Hill. 

Salve making
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$30, 13 years and up: pre-registration and pre- payment required

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