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'Tis the Season (for the witch in all of us) with Micaela Foley

A witch is anyone — regardless of gender identity —who works with the cycles of the world to find balance; who honors these rhythms with practices of reciprocity; who observes & celebrates celestial events & seasonal shifts; and who understands how to heal themselves & others with the generous provisions of nature. 

Join us, everyone, on Halloween Eve, as we journey through space and time to honor the story of the Witch! The Witch has become an archetypal figure who appears in different but congruous forms across cultures, continents, and eras; often holding up a mirror to those around her. While traditionally depicted as a woman---and inextricably linked to the demonization of female-presenting people by a patriarchal society---the Witch exists beyond binary norms and is ultimately a creatrix who calls forth being and destruction, healing and dissolution. In this workshop, we will explore the stories surrounding the Witch, discuss how the Witch continues to be an important figure in our present time and why so many of us feel called to identify as such. We'll invoke the Witch within ourselves by discussing earth-centric rituals & observances, astrology & auspicious timing, and working with the potent energies of the world. We will sit in an energetic herbal meditation, enjoy an herbal tea, and honor our ancestral connection to the Witch through this co-creation.

Micaela Foley is a certified clinical herbalist and freelance writer with a background in energetic and Western herbalism, alchemy, and medical astrology. After living in New York City for 10 years, she is now based in Providence, Rhode Island. Micaela completed the certificate program at The Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine in Northern California and previously attended ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in NYC. She works as an educator in the herbal program at The Alchemist’s Kitchen and is a content contributor to their blog and zine. Micaela is dedicated to social and herbal activism and offers sliding scale private sessions and clinical work.

$10 per person (adults only) PRE-REGISTER and pay by emailing or calling (401) 274 1160

Later Event: December 15