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Ground Covers and Lawns

Healthy Organic Lawns and Ground Covers

Lawns – the pros and cons.  With a lot less input and expense than conventional growers and chemical companies will have you believe, you can have a beautiful and healthy organic lawn. Learn some basic guidelines.

Ground Covers – the pros and cons.  Learn to incorporate more ground cover areas into your landscape like a pro.  Proven types and varieties will be explored as well as how to establish a lasting, handsome ground cover.

Ground Cover
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 Class limited to 12 students, 13 and up, $15 Preregister at 274 1160 or

Laurie Waite is a Connecticut Master Gardener and accredited NOFA Land Care Provider (Northeast Organic Farmers Association). She writes “Ask an Organic Gardener” column for Herb Quarterly and for a time owned Laurel Garden Design. Laurie grew up on a dairy farm in Rehoboth, MA and has gardened extensively for over 25 years. While she has a lot of experience growing vegetables, her love and passion is flowers.