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Wriggle into composting with Ben Goldberg FREE (with pre-registration)

If you discover that your neighbor is feeding food scraps to worms kept in a bin under the kitchen sink, and you have no idea why anyone would do such a thing, then it is time for you to attend a free workshop this weekend.  You will learn the who, what, when, where and, most importantly, the why of worm composting. We guarantee you will be smitten by these engaging and industrious creatures that along with human beings have a plan to reduce waste, to create soil, to feed plants in a healthy and non-toxic manner, and generally improve the lives of living creatures everywhere. GMO organisms excluded.

SPACE IS LIMITED so please pre-register here:

About your instructor: Ben has been making worm bins and composting food scraps with worms since 1995, and making composting toilets since 1985.  He does worm composting workshops, and offers worm bin rescue and tech-support services.  He lives, and has a woodworking and tinker shop in Leverett, Massachusetts.