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Postponed due to illness, date TBD WORMS MATTER


Join Steve Croteau from Babbling Brook Farm at cluck from 12-2 at his worm composting pop-up event. Steve will share (some of) the secrets to his success and you’ll have the chance to buy his products. Steve uses worm castings exclusively on all the herbs he grows in his greenhouse because he knows it is an all natural method. As he puts it “I have heard that it is 16 times stronger than using plain earth.”  

Worm castings don’t burn your plants and he prefers to use it directly on the plants (rather than making a tea and watering the plants with it). Both ways work but actual castings also add to the soil mass in the pot.

Steve’s mantra? ‘Worms turn food and textile waste into fertilizer –a great alternative for our dumps.’ We couldn’t agree more!

After retiring and becoming a hobby farmer, Steve attended a lecture on worm farming and started a worm colony.  He bought his first pound of worms from the Worm Ladies of Charlestown and read the book “Eat My Garbage”.  As that pound of worms stated to multiply, he started to expand his worm farm and now have 26 colonies – all from that first pound!

FREE and family friendly