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NEW DATE: Makin' Bacon! with Jim Baptista

In this demo class, we’ll cover the basics of smoking bacon at home from pork belly preparation and food handling, through safe curing and smoking of the final product -  that Salty, Sweet, Meaty, Chewy, Crunchy homage to the ingenuity of our distant ancestors, Smoked Bacon.  Along the way, we’ll look at smart pork belly procurement, techniques for prepping the pork belly,  some simple and complex smokers, bacon facts, myths and misnomers,  and, of course, there will be smoked bacon (and we will eat it).

Jim Baptista has been grilling and smoking meat, bacon and sausage at home  for five years.  Jim lives in the ‘West’ West End and is searching, not only for the perfect martini, but for the perfect martini bacon.

$20, 13 and up only. pre-registration is required. 274 1160 or email