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Mushroom Growing for Backyard, Farm or Woodlot with Matt Tracy (Red Planet)

Learn how to successfully raise your own delicious high quality fungi using simple methods and native trees. 

In this workshop, Matt Tracy from Red Planet Farm in Johnston introduces participants to the economical and ecological practice of mushroom cultivation on logs:

·      Selecting the right mushroom spawn to suit your trees, your microclimate and your taste.

·      Finding and cutting the right trees at the right time.

·      How to inoculate your logs: hands-on demonstration.

·      Siting and caring for your mushroom patch for consistent, dependable yields.

·      Branching out: ideas for scaling up production.

Matt has been raising crops in the Providence area since the turn of the Century. He and his partner own a diversified vegetable farm called Red Planet, where they produce a range of edibles, including fungi. He likes to swap knowledge and help other growers & land-users do stuff when he can. 

$10 for 13 and up (kids free accompanied by adult

   This is not Matt, but we do like this guy.   


This is not Matt, but we do like this guy.