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Who's yer peep? Chick sales return to cluck! (with Ricochet Ridge)

We all need (more) peeps! Ricochet Ridge's own chicken master, Lou Bottella will be coming BAXK to cluck! with his beautiful Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and Lavender Orpington chicks. Chicks are sold straight run and are $12 each. Lou will be with us from opening until close (or he sells out-which is likely).

A little about Lou (in his own words): "I've been around chickens my entire life. As a young boy I went to poultry shows with my dad who bred, raised and showed several varieties of Old English game bantams. Our den was filled with trophies that he won back then. When I moved to Smithfield and had some room to raise some chickens, I began with some Rhode Island Reds bred by Don Nelson, who I grew up with as a boy. He’s known nationally for raising some of the best RR Reds in the country. Unfortunately, I lost 2 of the four hens to predators and wasn’t easily able to replace them with more of Don’s birds so I bought some Easter Egger Ameraucanas and loved all the different colors and the greenish blue eggs they produced  until I went to the Northeast Poultry Congress about 5 years ago. That’s when I knew that I wanted to raise purebreds because of their size and overall quality. Since then I’ve been improving the size and the egg color of my Ameraucanas and the lacing and color of my Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. Several of the Ameraucana chicks I hatched and sold to customers have gone on to be show winners. This is the first year I’ve hatched BLRW chicks from my flock of 5 hens and a rooster. They look great, so I’m very pleased about the quality of birds in so early a breeding program.

I’ve sold hundreds of chicks locally in the past four years and have shipped over 200 dozen fertile hatching eggs all over the country. I have many local customers who have returned to buy either fertile eggs or more chicks. I’m fair and honest and I try to make sure my customers are satisfied with their purchases. All breeds are purebreds unless I’m raising olive eggers. They would be a cross between French Copper Marans and Ameraucanas"