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Cuz it’s all about your coop, ‘bout your coop, ‘bout your coop...*

If you imagine there is nothing to run afowl of with coop building, think again! Before you build your chickens their palace, join veteran coop builder Kim Morin for a lesson in all things coop-tastic. Where you site your coop, how you keep predators out and birds in, how to choose your watering and feeding method, preparing for all kinds of weather and building a coop that is also person-friendly are just some of the things you’ll cover in this class. Most importantly, Kim will save you from a common first-time chicken keeper’s worst nightmare: having to build a new coop based on all the mistakes you made the first time.

A great family class, $10 (age 13 and up (and kids free with an adult))

Kim Morin is a chicken keeper, farmer and one of the cluck! worker bees.