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CANCELED Beekeeping (for the rest of us) with Miss Kelly G.

Have you ever wanted to keep bees but didn't know why? Or wanted to keep bees, but thought you had strange reasons?  There are more reasons to keep bees than to harvest pounds and pound of honey...and there are more ways to keep bees than you might already be aware of. Come learn about backyard beekeeping to support declining bee populations, to pollinate your garden, and to get honey...if you want.

 Participants will get to poke around an (empty) top-bar hive, learn about the mystical warre style hive, and (weather permitting) get a peek inside of Cluck's own langstroth style hive.  If you'd like to get close and personal, I recommend a veil (which can be made out of a lingerie bag and a baseball cap - or purchased in the store)....but you can also choose to view this portion from afar.

$10, kids are free. please pre-register