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Miss Katie's School Break: Wiggly Worms



Did you know that worms breathe through their slimy skin? That’s just the first of many cool facts to learn about worms. Come get up close and personal with some new worm friends and learn how they move, breathe, eat, and help our gardens grow. We’ll also be building a worm bin and learning how worms turn our kitchen trash into plant food. Slimy hands-on fun for kids 3- 9 years old. 

$5 drop-in no registration necessary  (note: heavy rain cancels)

Miss Katie is an experienced educator known to many of Providence’s younger residents. She is the founder and Lead Playscientist at playSCIENCE, a Providence-area kids science education and entertainment provider. playSCIENCE offers homeschool science classes, preschool science classes, fun birthday parties and more!

Miss Katie is most known for her time as an instructor at Pow! Science in Wayland Square, where she hosted birthday parties, taught weekly preschool science classes and led science workshops for school-age students.

When not playing science, Miss Katie can often be found making new friends with dogs and children in the West End neighborhood, wearing giant sunglasses, and playing a wide variety of instruments, often in the company of the Extraordinary Rendition Band.