last hurrahs and glory days

Out at Hurricane Hill, we've recently done a major overhaul to our backyard beasts. The ducks have moved in with the goats and the chickens have a new yard. It was a lot of work to make these changes and many an escaped critter made it into parts unknown as we ferried them around to their improved quarters. We grumbled a lot throughout the process and Wright, who dislikes all change, was unsure about this project and was most unhappy to lose part of one of his gardens. I was resolute-the chickens had taken over too much of the larger yard, the ducks were too aggressive with them and the goats (I anthropomorphized) were lonely. 

Last night, my typically change-adverse partner admitted that he felt a certain amount of relief around the new order at the Hill and motivated to tackle some more of the endless list of things we mean to do.

It is easy to give in to the inertia of Systems That Already Exist. In our case, we had completely adjusted to things we didn't need to live with because we were busy and the menagerie grew willy-nilly. As a result, there was an extra piece of hardware cloth to keep the chickens out of the sage bush and a makeshift barrier to prevent the ducks from walking into the studio. There was that brick stack in place of really fixing that one shed corner and a pile of brush that we never actually moved to the fire pit. Along the way, as we added these band-aids, we neglected rebuilding the garden fence, re-stacking the stone wall or really, finally fixing the dragging gate. Those most necessary things got lost behind the smokescreen of "let's jsut do this for now."

We all do this from time to time (in all parts of our life) but what a gift it is to just tackle those tasks and see what other opportunities arise out of their resolution.

These are the glory days of you and your unfinished projects. What will yours be?